Lincoln Isaac Rose

2-11-2015 to 3-11-2015

Son of Leeann Mclaury and Quinten Rose. ¬†Lincoln was born at 25 weeks at St Luke’s hospital in Cedar Rapids Iowa on February 11th 2015. He developed E Coli due to an infection from my water being ruptured 3 days prior to his birth. He fought that hard, unfortunately during that time he also developed NEC (Necrotizing Entercolitis). Late at night on February 22nd they realized his intestines had perforated and he was taken by ambulance to University of Iowa Children’s Hospital NICU. February 26th he had his first of 5 surgeries for the NEC. Over half his bowels and appendix were removed in an attempt to make him healthy. Unfortunately he also developed a fungal infection that made things worse. On March 11th 2015 the doctors told us there was nothing more we could do for him and he passed away.