Jaz’myn Marie Buress


Jaz'myn Marie Buress

08/18/2013 - 10/08/2013


My beautiful baby doll died on October 8th 2013. I was my first day back to work and when getting off I received the worst phone call of my life to go the hospital daughter went to sleep n never woke up. When I got to the hospital my husband was standing there n from the look in his face I thought they was working on her. Then they told me she didn't make it. I had to see it for my self I went into the room where the social worker was holding her. I held my baby doll until they took her way. She was 7 weeks old n I still don't know they official cause if death. I was however able to donate some of her organs. But I miss her so much n when I look at her two year sister it breaks my heart cuz they look just alike