From Kennedi’s Parents


A Note from Kennedi’s Parents:

Kennedi, our first child, brought us much joy in her short life. When we learned that we were expecting a baby, we moved to a bigger home in a small, family-friendly community as we wanted her to have the best of everything. We renovated the home from top to bottom and moved in shortly before Kennedi was born. She came a few weeks early, on December 18, 2008, arriving just in time to celebrate the first Christmas in our new home.

Kennedi was such an easy baby. She rarely cried. She was very good-natured, sharing her dazzling smile with us many times a day. She melted many a heart with that smile.

We were in love.
Our lives were complete.
We were so very happy.

When we received the call on the afternoon of April 27, 2009, from Kennedi’s daycare provider, that there was an emergency and Kennedi had been taken by ambulance to the hospital, we both rushed there to be by her side. By the time we arrived, she was already gone.

We held her for many hours. The hospital halls filled with our many family members and friends who came to hold us in our darkest hour. One by one, they said good-bye to beautiful Kennedi.

The first funeral we ever planned was that of our precious baby. We were beyond distraught and went through the motions as directed. We were lost souls. Our fairy tale life had ended with Kennedi’s.

We made it through those days with the help of our large family and many, many friends. They helped us financially and emotionally. We don’t know what would have happened without their support.

We want beautiful Kennedi to be remembered. We want her name to stay alive. When we were trying to decide how best to memorialize our precious angel, one of the first thoughts that came to mind was to help other young parents through the tragic loss of a child.

The concept of Kennedi’s Kisses was born that day.